Veronica Nunn

To pinpoint exactly what genre Veronica Nunn is connected with might be difficult these days. In part this is due to the general eclecticism of her discography—her first two CDs are as varied as her latest release, a tribute album to the legendary singer/songwriter Michael Franks. Yet, as early as 7 years old, Veronica’s repertoire of songs has been eclectic, ranging from gospel, soul, show tunes, and rock & roll to folk, country and even classical.

By today’s definition she would be considered a Neo Jazz artist, placing her alongside the likes of Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Ahmad Jamal, Wayne Shorter, George Benson, Patti Austin and Michael Franks, all artists with an individual approach, stamped with their personal experience and uniquely colored by the language of jazz.

“When you looked at an album cover in the old days,” Nunn explains, “it told a story. The album cover and the title kind of prepped you for what you were about to experience, and I always felt that a jazz album isn’t just the music that is played—it’s the whole package. When you pull out that CD, it should be like a storybook. The cover and the album title kind of whet your appetite, and when you hear the songs, it takes you through an experience. It should all be an experience.”

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