New Dead Horse Records Website

Welcome to Dead Horse Records website! In keeping up with the “social media” times, we’ve updated our website to reflect our growth and excitement as we venture further into the creative possibilites of our artists and this label.

Our tagline is and will continue to be – We’re not just a record label.

Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.

Denis Waitley

the new…..

Our artist and co-founder Travis Shook has formed a new band – Altered States. Altered States features veteran musicians who have played, recorded, and toured internationally under their own names as well as with other celebrated artists in their respective fields. This gathering of kindred spirits are sure to produce some truly inspired performances.

We have added and will be adding lots of music videos of Travis Shook Altered States and vocalist-songwriter Veronica Nunn for you to enjoy. And don’t forget to subscribe to our You-tube channel. Dead Horse Records YouTube Channel.


and the old….

Dead Horse Records continues to produce, Tales From The Jazzside the podcast hosted by our artist, Veronica Nunn. She has been on sabbatical, but is now back with exciting  artisans, telling their “tales” and helping us all work through the stuff that scares us.

In addition we continue to host the music instruction registration for private vocal and piano lessons. Find out more.….


Our music affiliations addup to over 75 years. Throughout all that time we have built and developed great friendships and alliances that stretch out across the world. We are proud to say that we continue to partner with two incredible organizations, Seed Artists, and Daya Indonesia Performing Arts Academy. We know that our co-operative partnerships will assist in strengthening and empowering those whose believe as we do that art is the way toward a better world, a more humanistic world.

Other things…..

This site, like life, is always a work in progress. Stay tuned!