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Our music affiliations add up to over 75 years. Throughout all that time we have built and developed great friendships and alliances that stretch out across the world. We are proud to annouce that we have partnered with 2 incredible organizations and we know that our co-operative partnerships will assist in strenghtening and empowering those whose believe as we do that art is the way toward a better world, a more humanistic world.

Daya Indonesia Performing Arts Academy

We began this co-operative partnership back in 2004. Since then we have been continuing our support of cross cultural music exchange and have participated in several projects produced by both Dead Horse Records and Daya Indonesia Performing Arts Academy formerly known as Institut Musik Daya Indonesia. This year marks our 10th year working with this unique organization whose mission is to improve the appreciation of culture and arts through formal Performing Arts education in Indonesiona and reinforce Indonesian human resources in facing globalization era in the field of Performaning Arts. Opening the doors of international exchange through the arts.

Seed Artists, Inc.

This 501(c)a non-proift organization headquartered in Montclair, NJ is a very recent addition to our family. Seed Artists, Inc. is dedicated to produce creative-music programming and related arts events that explore creative potential, promote intergenerational and cross-cultural exchange, build community, and foster participation in the arts, particularly among at-risk youth.

Workshop/Master Classes                 Educational program offered to assist the student in understanding their relationship with the music, their instrument and the audience...... Find out how you can register for our Master Classes and Private Vocal Lessons

tales from the Jazz Side Podcast
is a unique show that touches upon subjects that are not usually discussed during interviews with jazz musicians. Each month hostess Veronica Nunn and one featured guest artist explore "what makes up tick" through the art of story telling. Don't forget to read Tales from the Jazz Side blog.

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