Travis Shook – Trio Digital (Mp3s)

  • Release date: 2011
  • Label: Dead Horse Records
  • Catalog #: DHR2747


Album Description

Travis Shook — Piano
Jay Anderson — Bass
Jaz Sawyer — Drums

About Travis Shook – Trio

Fully eleven years since the recording of his last two CD’s, Plays Kurt Weill and Awake, award-winning pianist Travis Shook has returned to his studio of choice, Systems Two in Brooklyn, NY, to present his version of a classic format: the jazz piano trio.

“Usually I have a horn or vocal to help mix up the album with different moods,” the 42-year-old Shook explains, “but I felt like my playing had matured over the years and I hopefully had a little more to offer. It’s difficult to sustain interest with piano, bass and drums only, which is exactly why I wanted to try to meet the challenge.”

Joined by luminaries Jay Anderson on bass and Jaz Sawyer on drums, Travis Shook – Trio is a widely diverse offering, reflecting all of his influences to date. While remaining in the depth of the ocean of tradition, Shook puts his singular stamp on Beatles, Hank Williams, Horace Silver, Sonny Simmons, and of course several compositions of his own. Known both for his fierce, energizing technique as much as for the lushness of his ballad playing, he is at the height of his artistry as seamlessly weaves traditional, modern, gospel, and stride piano influences together in Trio.

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