About Us

Dead Horse Records

D Founded in July 2000 in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York. In 2007 the company relocated to Woodstock, NY. Co-founders Travis Shook and Veronica Nunn started the label in response to the dwindling of major jazz labels and the increasing cutbacks on new artists being signed. Their idea, similar to many artists at that time, was to have a label where they could consistently record their own music, produce and make their CDs available for distribution.


Our Mission

To preserve music and it’s artistry with a commitment to quality and excellence. To enhance artist growth and performance through World-wide education and documentation.

We are not just a record label. We are an enterprise whose mission is to further education through performance. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with other liked minded organization to produce events and to engage in music education exchange (see our partners). We also have educational services geared to performance etiquette. These sessions are conducted around the world.


Master Classes

Master Classes These Vocal and Instrumental Master Classes and Private Lessons are designed to assist the student in understanding their relationship with the music, their instrument and the audience.


Tales From the Jazz Side Podcast This unique educational / entertainment podcast touches upon subjects that are not usually discussed during interviews with jazz musicians. Each month hostess Veronica Nunn and one featured guest artist explore “things that scares us” through the art of story telling.