Piano & Vocal Lessons

Private Piano Lessons

Want to learn to play the piano or maybe just get back to playing again? These one-on-one sessions are designed to cater to any age, any style and level. International Jazz pianist, composer and arranger, Travis Shook has created an inclusive and engaging method to help students feel more confident and to learn at their own pace. 
All ages are accepted. Each lesson is designed to fit the unique individual needs of the student. To find out more, request more information. 

Private Vocal Lessons

Discover the secrets of improving your singing and performance. This original course is indispensable, informative and highly effective in helping you achieve your goals.  International Jazz Vocalist and songwriter Veronica Nunn has developed this breakthrough technique through years of research and has taught it around the world.

These segmented one-on-one sessions are designed to help you overcome obstacles that could be preventing you from achieving your maximum potential as a performer. Experience these lessons that are carefully crafted to fit your needs. 

There is a selection process for these lessons. 

Note: Veronica is no longer conducting private vocal lessons at this time.