Vashon Johnson

Having played on countless other artists’ recordings as well as his impressive performance collaborations, Vashon Johnson is poised to put all of his experience into sharing his artistry with the world via recordings under his name. This solo debut CD is the first of many.

Bassist-composer Vashon Johnson is most known for his work with Miley Cyrus, Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway and the Saturday Night Live Band, as well as other big-time musical acts such as Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Joan Jett, Shania Twain, Marc Antoine, Jessica Simpson, Boyz II Men, Sheryl Crow, Ariana Grande, Seal, The Jonas Brothers, B.B. King, Janet Jackson and many more. 

He is an accomplished artist whether playing on upright, electric or synth basses.  Rather soft-spoken and cerebral by nature, Vashon uses his instruments to express alternative personae.. 

When asked to describe his particular playing style his response is:

“I like to disappear into the music…or maybe it’s that I’m a chameleon.” They’re all different instruments and when I play them, I feel like different personalities. I approach each one differently. I find it a great compliment when I’m playing (one) and someone tells me “I didn’t know you played (the other).”